AlphaALPHA NEWS: An opportunity to explore the meaning of life! The Alpha Course has touched the lives of over 29 million people in 169 countries around the world. Our inaugural Alpha will begin September 19th at 6:05pm.  The Alpha Course consists of 11 “dinner and a movie” nights where guests experience delicious food, a movie on an engaging topic by Alpha leader Nicky Gumbel, and a lively discussion in a small group.

One of the goals of Alpha is to meet you “where you are” in your walk of faith; maybe you are questioning the existence of God or are concerned about what happens after death. You may have attended church off and on all your life but never understood what or why you believe. You may also be much further along – all are welcome!

To sign up please contact Amelia in the church here office: her e-mail is or you can reach her at 342-8521. If you have questions, Amelia will direct you to the right place. You can also learn about Alpha at At this point, we are planning on having child care, to include meals. There are a number of jobs involved in the running of Alpha so volunteers are needed and welcome.