13239098_1179013342122727_9214710022079867751_nFor you, a boy or girl, to be a Christian will be for you to be as nearly as you can like what Jesus was when He was at your age. That is one reason why it is worth so much to us to have a Jesus that began in the cradle and gradually grew up. If we had a Jesus that was already a man when He came, and hadn’t stopped to be a baby and a boy, we should hardly have known what to say to the children about these things; we might have had to say that only grown-up men and women could be Christians. But now we have Jesus all the way along, from eighteen inches up, so that we can say to any one, “You can be a Christian by being as nearly as you can like what Jesus was at your age.”  - Rev. Chas. H. Parkhurst.

Are you headed to a 9am Adult Sunday School class and wondering where to take your kiddos? Students from K4-5th grade are invited to gather in EEC Rm. 5 to learn all about the life of Jesus. While we do not know much about  Jesus’ childhood, we do know many of the stories He would have learned, Holy Days He would have celebrated, and a little bit about 1st century Palestine.  We will use crafts, games, and small mission projects to learn about these things as well as how we can live like Jesus by looking at the things He said, did, and lived. We will also learn about child-sized spiritual practices that can help our faith grow as we grow!  If you would like to help with this class, please contact Miranda Dismukes at Miranda@stpmobile.com or in the Church Office at 251 342-8521.

Improving the nursery has been a 2015 focus for the Vestry.  Our two primary physical improvements have been the addition of a toddler play area within our existing playground and new wood flooring in the nursery classroom.  We have improved upon our safety policies and ordered a new digital check in system.  Perhaps the most exciting change is the addition of Mindy West as a Sunday nursery teacher.  Many of you know Mindy as a 2k teacher from The Early Education Center.  Mindy has a degree in Special Education. Her love for little ones is evident to all who know her and she is an extraordinarily gifted teacher.

We are very pleased with the improvements the nursery has seen and look forward to our young families benefiting from the love and education this ministry will continue to provide.

Mission Statement: The mission of St. Paul’s Church Nursery is to welcome young children and their families into our community.  We seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment that strengthens the relationships we have with both parents and their children. We view the Nursery as an opportunity to minister to young families during this key time of spiritual development.

Our hope is that children feel embraced by our Church and develop a foundational love for God while their parents enjoy a time of peace, worship and renewal.



Confirmation is the time when we ask those who have been baptized to reaffirm the promises that were made on their behalf at their baptism. It’s a special time in the life of the person to be confirmed, and it is as a special time in the life of the Church, as we all stand alongside those who are making their mature profession of faith.

This fall, beginning on September 8, we’ll have our confirmation classes for our sixth and seventh graders. We will meet on Sunday afternoons in the Parish Hall, and in this program they will prepare to make their own profession of faith before our bishop on November 10. They will learn about Scripture, the creeds of the Church, new ways to pray, and how our faith informs the way we live.

If you have a sixth or a seventh grader and have questions about this class, please contact Fr. Ben in Church Office at 251-342-8521.