What: Lamppost is St. Paul’s worship and fellowship group for young adults. Our gatherings begin with a short worship service, followed by dinner and a fellowship activity (different each time).

 Who:   We are young adults at different places in our personal and faith journeys, who value the opportunity to deepen our relationships with God together with one another. We are newcomers as well as lifelong St. Paul’s members and everything in between. We are students and professionals of all kinds. We are welcoming, inclusive, and fun.

 When: We meet on the first Monday of every month: 

          Worship at 6:30 pm | Dinner and Fellowship at 7:00 pm

 Where: We meet for worship in the Little Church (the white building facing Old Shell Road)

            We have dinner in the parlor in the Parish Hall building.

 How to get connected: 

             If you are interested in checking it out, you are welcome any time we get together
            (come as you are!)

             If you would like to find out more about us first, please email Rev. Pete Burgess at

             And, follow us on Instagram @lamppost_stp