The ministry of an acolyte is an important one involving a commitment of talent and time in the Lord’s service. The acolyte assists in the worship of God with dignity and care in the simplest way possible so as to help make the service a worship experience for everyone involved. Acolytes are expected to regard their ministry seriously and it is hoped they will be able to reflect Christian joy at services as well as in their personal lives. Good and faithful service is rooted in our love of God and is a joy to all.

Thank you Seniors for your dedicated service to St. Paul’s Church.


DateAdvisor7:30 am10:00 am11:30 am
January 21 SheddJimmy MackinChristopher Bowen
Kacy Nelson
Celeste Parker
Warren Buffkin
Zachary Bowen
Palmer Whiting
Loie Whiting
John Parker
Clara Leder Stokes
Tommy Stokes
Will Parker
February 4CollierMary Steele JohnsonCaroline Herndon
Sarah Horner
Barbara Horner
Mary Horner
Campbell Baird
Charley McCall
Virginia Leatherbury
Drew DeLong
John McCall
Mary Douglas McCall
February 11HinckleKatie LaddLauren Hinckle
Caroline Hinckle
Genie Ladd
Grace Campbell
Raeini Marston
Savannah Cassity
Jane Ortega
Phillip Brutkiewicz
Spencer Marston
Sara Brinson
February 18RowanMary Gayle Mitchell
Bayley St.Clair
Elliott Jefferies
Kate Rowan
Camille Fraser
Blakely Greer Myers
Parker Holmes
Russell manning
Kate Bixler
Sarah Bixler
Harris Rowan
Charles Milling
February 25 RussellClara StimpsonWright Mullins
Campbell Ladd
Steedly Dean
Ellie Baker
Edie Paterson
McKee Paterson
Taylor Etheridge
John Stokes O'Conner
Lawson Groves
Callie Radcliff
Margaret Radcliff
March 4SheddJimmy MackinChristopher Bowen
Ryan Mackin
Kacy Nelson
Celeste Parker
Warren Buffkin
Palmer Whiting
Loie Whiting
Zachery Bowen
John Parker
Clara Leder Stokes
Tommy Stokes
Will Parker
March 11BallardKatie RichieCarolyn Fontenot
Kaylyn Rudolph
Rawlins Chaffe
Sallie Herndon
Ryan Wood
Johnny Inge
Dylan Hale
Brody Hale
Louise Ladd
Benton Ladd