With the beautiful responsibility of administering the Chalice during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, you are providing communicants the real presence of Jesus Christ as the blood of Christ.


Date7:30 Service10:00 Service11:30 Service
April 1Maryella SirmonMike Ballard, Tim Gaston, Day Gates III, Cynthia DonnellRoger Cole
April 8David MartinBrooks Milling, Jim Newman, John Marshall, Fran MarshallMorning Prayer
April 15Wes PipesKathy Miller, Bill Blaylock, E.B. Peebles III, Bill PipkinRobin Thetford
April 22Geary GastonMorning PrayerBill Blaylock
April 29Bob BakerChrist Odom, Robin Thetford, Robert Campbell, E.B. Peebles IIICynthia Donnell