Lay ReadersThe new Lay Readers schedule is now available. Please download copy for your benefit. And as always, thank you for your welcome contribution to the worship of our church.




Date7:30 am10:00 am11:30 am6:00 pm
September 30David Martin
Joe Gunter
Cam Marston
Beverly Davis
Kathy Millerr
Brad Clark
Sarah Berg
Brian Campbell
Elizabeth Campbell
October 7Bill Heiter
Kathy Sherer
Youth ReadersFaye Mullis
Joe Hossley
Martha Terry
Sarah Teague
October 14Wayne Sirmon
Maryella Sirmon
Doug Anderson
Emily Arendall
Quin Hillyer
Jack Lyden
Cam Marston
Clara Armbrecht
Tim Gaston
October 21John Lawler
Bea Volkman
Doug Ray
Anna Katherine Ray
Sue Ellen Gallaspy
Sarah Teague
Faye Mullis
Joey Dzwonkowski
Blair Fisher
October 28Geary Gaston
Maurice Gandy
Bill Whiston
Lady Lester
Jack Horner
Sarah Berg
Brad Clark
Brian Campbell
Elizabeth Campbell