From the Rector

Welcome to St. Paul’s. Whatever brings you to our doorsteps, whether you’re a one time visitor, seeking a new church home, or just stopping for a quiet moment of prayer, we hope you will find this a place of God’s sanctuary and peace. It is a privilege to have you here.

The St. Paul’s congregation enjoys a long tradition in Spring Hill, beginning over 150 years ago. In 1851, a group of Scottish Episcopalians and Presbyterians joined hands to build the “Little Church on the Hill”, the neighborhood’s first Protestant house of worship. This small, stately steeplehouse is a reservoir of thousands of moments of the community’s sacred history. Over the years, the church has not forgotten its ecumenical origins and an extraordinarily open and welcoming spirit hopes to declare God’s love “like a light on a hill”.

Again, whatever has drawn you, we are thankful you have come. We hope you will let us know how we might be able to serve you in name of the One who has given us all we have. On behalf of the entire St. Paul’s family, I extend a heartfelt welcome. May God prosper your journey and shelter your seeking. Let us know if we can help along the way.

Yours in Christ,

                       The Reverend John Riggin