The Vestry

The vestry works in tandem with the rector and other clergy to set the vision and conduct the affairs of the church. All Episcopal parishes operate around this crucial partnership between lay and ordained leaders. 

Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting for a term of three years, during which they gather for regular vestry meetings and work in committees on all areas of the life of the parish -- from finance to outreach to safety.

Each vestry meeting begins with a short service of Holy Communion and the spirit of our shared calling as Christians imbues all that we do.

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Senior Warden: Robin Thetford

Junior Warden: Medford Roe

Clerk: Robert Shreve

President of ECW: Rainer Gatewood

Treasurer: Tim DeLong

2022-2023 TERM

Goodman Ledyard

Harris Morrissette, Jr.

Will Newman

Darby Radcliff

Geep Shedd

Kelly Sheppard

Robin Thetford

Fran Thurber

Robert Williams

Staples Wood

2022-2024 TERM

Chris Alves

Dan Gatewood

David Inge

Katie Israel

Ainsley McNeely

Medford Roe

Wayne Sirmon

Kathy Thurber

Sarah Teague

Jeff Weston

2023-2025 TERM

John Brigham

John Galanos

Day Gates II

Virginia Jeffries

Grey O'Brien

Stuart Parnell Jr.

Hill Robinson

Bowden Sarrett

Maggie Shreve

Gaines Thomas Sr.