Weekly Reflections

Below you will find the most recent Weekly Reflection from the clergy with a link to the week's readings.

July 25th, 2021

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B

Holding on to the Spirit of Consolation


In 1947, at Edwards Air Force Base in California, a team of engineers were working on a project testing  the capacity of the human body to endure speed. During these experiments Chuck Yeager, (with the assistance of an aircraft!), broke the speed of sound. This project, dubbed MX981, required many, many trials and errors. In one iteration of testing, an engineer named Edward A. Murphy, delivered some gauges for a piece of equipment that ultimately failed. An exasperated, irritable, Murphy exclaimed If there’s any way they can go wrong, they will. The faithful staff working for years on the project took that as a challenge to preserve through everything that goes wrong until victory was won. Incredible advancements to science resulted.


This Sunday’s collect asks God to guide us through things temporal to hold on to things eternal. Wherever Good, God Good News goes forward pushback will come from human ego, worldly temptation, or what St. Ignatius called “spirits of desolation.” The evil one. Our lessons are about Jesus being discouraged by his disciples because of lack of provision in the wilderness, and David having everything going his way until he spies a bathing neighbor’s wife, and the Letter to Ephesians imploring a divided people to receive a power in their inner being that will keep them rooted and grounded in love. 


In Jesus, this power has broken through the dividing wall of human selfishness, worldly confusion, and spirits of desolation to offer us the Bread of Life in all times and places. Rest in that. Trust that. Invoke that day to day on bended knee and you will know the power of God.