Weekly Reflections

Below you will find the most recent Weekly Reflection from the clergy with a link to the week's readings.

December 6, 2020

Advent 2, Year B

     Over the past year, we’ve experienced a March that felt like 500 days and a month of November that felt like it was over before it began. Now, we enter the season of Advent, a season of waiting, knowing that what waits on the other end will both feel like it’s come faster than we’re prepared for it and also very different for many of us than it has in the past.

     The reading for this week from the second letter of Peter speaks, in some way, of the elasticity of time, how moments can seem both immediate and interminable, reminding us that for the Lord, a single day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day. Ultimately, it seems to be a reminder to us about patience, which Fr. John reminded us of last week when he said that we, as people of the twentieth and twenty-first century, are not very good at, which is why we turn to fast food, fast cars, and fast shipping.

     Waiting, though, is part of this time of year. We wait patiently as the candles on the wreath are lit, as the windows on the advent calendar are opened, and, with great hope and expectation, on the promise of the arrival of the Christ-child.

     And yet, this year is still different than in the past because, for once, we all wait collectively on the promise of the COVID-19 vaccine that will give us the opportunity to return to being with one another without worry or hesitation, so that calls on us for even more patience. In the days and weeks to come, remember the promises we’ve made to one another, and be patient. Our time to return to being together is indeed closer than it once was, and our patience in waiting will be rewarded.