Weekly Reflections

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November 27th, 2022

First Sunday of Advent, Year A

“I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122

The Thanksgiving holiday brings with it a lot of familiar patterns – the rhythms of preparing a special meal, the planning and timing and attention of roasting a turkey, the traditional family dishes we eat only once a year. The children get out of school; the adults get busy with errands and tasks. We set the table. We decorate. We host and are hosted. Everyone does it a little differently, and yet somehow we all do it the same.

And, most of us have at least once had too much to eat at dinner. All the turkey and gravy and sides and pies weigh us down and start us looking for a comfy place to snooze. And if you’ve ever woken up from that Thanksgiving nap feeling like you don’t want to eat again for a week, like it’s time to start training for that 5k, like you’ve had enough of feasting and are ready for a good ole fast, then you have had a glimpse of what this First Sunday of Advent is all about.

Advent begins each year with the same message – wake up! The time to be about the work of the Lord is always, always now. Set aside what weighs you down, what makes you sluggish and inattentive to the Spirit. Be alert, be renewed, be invigorated, ready to start again.

There are times for feasting and times for fasting as we well know, and I hope your Thanksgiving is festive as can be. But, don’t miss out on that moment of waking, that special grace of gladness to return to the work, of longing to hear once again the prophecy, the warning, and the promise, of hunger for the only food that truly satisfies.