Weekly Reflections

Below you will find the most recent Weekly Reflection from the clergy with a link to the week's readings.

May 16th, 2021

Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B

This Sunday we commemorate the “Sunday after Ascension Day.” Ascension Day, you’ll remember, is commemorated forty days after Jesus’s Resurrection, and it gives us a good week and a half before Pentecost, which is fifty days after the Resurrection. This is important because it reminds us that here are about ten days in that time between the Ascension and the arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, ten days when the disciples were vacillating between “We can do this because Jesus has trusted us” and “They’re out to get us, so we need to hide in this room.”

That ten day period is a moment of great transition in the life of those disciples, and they’re tasked with decisions about how to move forward and who will replace Judas, an account we will hear on Sunday. In that period of finding another disciple to add to the twelve, we see them trying to make the best decision they can, going back and forth on the merits of Matthias or Barsabbas, and then trusting the decision to the casting of lots, hoping God’s will will be done in the selection.

It’s a short, seemingly inconsequential moment of the daily business of the disciples, but it changed the lives of Matthias, Barsabbas, and those they knew and loved. It’s a moment in Scripture that reminds us that our decisions and how we make them matter and they effect people in ways we may not know or understand. Yet we try to make them in an informed and holy way, trusting that in all of our imperfections, somehow the Lord will make them work and make them holy.