Weekly Reflections

Below you will find the most recent Weekly Reflection from the clergy with a link to the week's readings.

June 20th, 2021

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B

In the clergy vesting room, there’s a painting of a sailboat going across wind-swept waters. The boat looks to be full of sailors, and it’s atop a wave and tilting in such a way that makes it appear parallel to the water. There are other boats in the background, but the viewer’s eye is drawn to this particular sailboat and the sailors who are trying to navigate an oncoming storm.

How this print came to be in this room may be lost to the sands of time, but its placement in the vesting room seems significant.

Life is full of moments that can test our patience, our skills, or even our faith. It’s in those moments that we may be most likely to turn inward, to lean on what we already know or believe, and trust in our own abilities to make it to the other side of the crisis. The image of the boat in this painting, though, reminds us that often times we are surrounded by people who can lend their support, their knowledge, and their experience in navigating those stormy waters.

As the disciples make their way “to the other side” with Jesus, they, too, get caught in a windstorm. They cry out, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” Jesus calls out, “Peace, be still!” and both the sea and his disciples become calm, and their journey continues. 

Hearing the words “Be still” in the midst of an anxious moment can be difficult, yet crying out is indeed an act of faith. Our prayer is that we can feel confident that our cries will be heard and that we will be equipped to respond in the name of Christ when we hear the cries from others.